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экологических проектов

с 1998 года

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List of the superfinalists’ projects of 2021 year among 76 finalists’ projects and 1492 participants’ projects

"Development of the play set "Journey along the Katun River " – Altay region
 "Dynamics of the number and diversity of wintering waterfowl and near-water bird species in Ufa town" – The Volga-Urals region
 "The influence of climate on the dynamics of the glaciers of the Kuznetsk Alatau" – South Siberia
 "Creation of a methodology for checking the results of bioindication in student environmental monitoring"- Moscow city
 "Study of the possibilities of practical application of the magnetohydrodynamic effect in the tidal currents of the Barents Sea" – North West
 "Autonomous Flood Prevention Complex "Poseidon " – The South Urals
 "Mapping public wells in the QGIS Geographic Information System" – The West Urals
 "Ecozorro: focusing on the Bikin river basin!" – Far East region
 "Preserving the Springs" – Middle European region
 "Bioinert interactions of the littoral zone of the Barents Sea bays" – St.-Petersburg
 "Lake Variable as a habitat for the third generation biofuel"- Sakhalin island, Far East
 "Factors of influence on the coastal coast of the western Crimea and its preservation" – South Russia
 "Development of an algistatic drug to combat blooming in the water area of small lakes" – Middle Volga region
 "Using snails of the genus Achatina as a bioindicator of air pollution"- West Siberia
 "Radiation safety of underground waters of the Chelyabinsk region" – The south Urals


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